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Fall has arrived,
tights season has begun ( :o) )
and reminds me of the this  collection.
Mad Men secretary style,pops of colors,white tights,
poufy but sophisticated hair,sassy accessories ,
and the best : Collar dresses and midi skirts …
Orla Kiely’s fall collection
presented in London at the beginning of the year,

This week a lot of nostalgia in the air,

I visited a very nice and charming lady ,

and came home my head full of inspiration,

and some really great vintage pieces.

Finally I work on a dawanda shop update,

and by the way (:o))

i want to share my little

facebook page with you.


ARt And play

Last weekend we took a look at dutch artist Paul Edens work*speelbeelden*,more known as giant tires.

pur FUN# nOt only for the kids ♡

Last week

We’re back in our day to day routine;

Work and school;

Not so much visuell work in the moment,but here are some glimpse from a fun project :)

A time ago a dear dutch friend asked me if i could send him some pics for a circular.

some keywords were/

food for kids,summer vegetable, veggies from your garden,summer food,back to earth,vintage,shabby….

We decided for a simple soup, perfect for the little helpers.

Honestly ,o)  I and the kids  bought the veggies from the local farmers market.All organic , of course ;o)

Wish a nice wednesday☼

Summer moments at every corner.

My oldest reminds me  that in 

4 months it will be advent ;o).

hOw trUe,

you feel it in the mornings,

the  sound of summer already started 

packing it’s bags and preparing to leave town.

Early aUtumn

(just ♡)


The travellingginco:

A gin bar on the bicycle,

I like the whole idea.

And Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis(The owners) could have stepped out from 1940’s themselves….an age when service wasn‘t dead….


source: thetravellingginco / wehearduk   


Diy kitchen project part two

Only a little peek from our completed kitchen ,

i finished the *chicken coop cabinet* ,

from this post,yesterday.

This was the last unfinished piece…


…  and WE ‘re are haPpY

⊂to be continued⊃☼

This week we visited my family.

Beautiful sunny days and summer evenings,

but also sleepless nights /*Mum i want to go home,i can’t sleep,it’s so hot*/

Oh dear,tiredness ;o)

So here we are *Breath*,

cool sand at the feet!

This is Borkum.

A lovely island with the great 

old promenade/ Wandelhalle dated 1910/11,

funny little *Milchbuden*

and  long beaches.

Included: , a well rested family


Yesterday, a sun day and celebrate day.

My man’s birthday in the middle of summer.

I tinkered with the kids a kind of hippie garden lamp.

A nice crafting project for them. 

They loved to pick up the flowers and leaves.

And if your partner is a a romantic person,

he also will like it.

i PrOmIsS ;o)